17 November 2008

SketchUp 7 is Out!

For my day job, I work on SketchUp, a 3D modeling tool written for designers, not CAD jockeys (no offense to CAD jockeys, ahem). SketchUp is by far my favorite Google product. @Last software, the original creators of SketchUp, was acquired by Google about a year before I got here. Fortunately, we have been able to keep the same passionate development team together (except for a few additions, like your truly). I really love working with these guys.

Today, it has finally gone public that we are releasing SketchUp 7. You can even see a video with me in it on that page, though I can't really recommend my acting. I work on the 2D presentation tool called LayOut. I helped develop the new curve tool, the editable paths, the move rotate and scale manipulators, and the in-place group edit. It has been a great year and I'm really proud of what we've come up with.

So that's it for this week. It has been a crazy few months. I think we're all looking forward to Christmas break!